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Teraflex Jeep JK LCG PreRunner Suspension

The TeraFlex JK LCG PreRunner Suspension system combines all of our top-of-the-line components into a purpose-built speed system. The PreRunner system is designed to minimize unnecessary rotational mass, and maximize complete wheel travel.
All of these may sound very similar to our already proven Elite LCG suspension system, but the PreRunner specifically focuses on the speed aspect of performance.
The TeraFlex LCG PreRunner Suspension is designed for wide-open baja inspired driving. For maximum performance 35” tires are recommended, with minimal curb weight (less than 4k lbs), and is designed for use with OEM axle housings (to allow maximum up travel).
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The TeraFlex JK LCG PreRunner Suspension system features:
• TeraFlex Elite LCG long arm geometry
• SpeedBump bumpstops to provide progressive compression during high speed suspension movement
• HD limiting straps prevent damage to suspension at high speed during dropout
• Extensive gusseting and brackets to beef up critically weak areas and prevent potential damage
• Coil spring retainers prevent the springs from unseating during full suspension extension

For ultimate performance, as engineered, TeraFlex recommends the use of Fox Racing Shox which have been specifically engineered, designed, and valved to work in conjunction with TeraFlex LCG suspension geometry, and TeraFlex SpeedBump bumpstops. The Fox Racing Shox are not included with the LCG PreRunner Suspension system, but are available separately.