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Double Black Offroad

TeraFlex JK Performance Slotted Big Rotor Kit

The TeraFlex JK Performance Big Rotor Kit is the perfect upgrade for JK Wrangler owners requiring increased braking performance for 33-35 inch tires. This kit allows the factory brake caliper and brake pads to be retained, while increasing the rotor diameter from 11.9 inches to 13.3 inches. The increased clamping distance from the rotor center results in greater braking leverage to allow stopping distance to be decreased substantially (larger rotor diameter = greater stopping power). The simple bolt-on installation upgrade requires absolutely no brake line modification or brake bleeding, and can be installed with basic hand tools.
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Features & Benefits:

  • Brake caliper relocating anchor bracket
  • 13.3 inches slotted rotor for superior stopping performance
  • Mill-balanced vented rotors for maximum heat dissipation
  • Improved braking performance over factory brake system
  • Retain factory brake caliper & pads
  • No brake bleeding or brake line modification required
  • 100% bolt-on upgrade for easy installation
  • A minimum of a 17 inch wheel must be used with this kit
  • Suits 07 to 2010 only (released with smaller rotors)

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