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Double Black Offroad

DBOR JK Tourer Kit

DBOR have designed a kit utilising their knowledge of the JK, combined with the finest product from our manufacturers from both home and in the USA,  to deliver a kit that address all critical components needed to make your JK  better on road and a weapon off it.  Kit is safe for those wanting to run 33" tyres on stock rims and can run upto 35" tyres when combined with DBOR Flat Flares. 
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Key features are:

  • Progressive rate coil springs offering awesome flex and keeps spring for coming unband at full suspension droop
  • Rubicon Express RXT Monotube Shock Absorbers.
  • Rear Trackbar Bracket moves track bar mounting position up 3" increasing suspension roll centre height, improving handling both on and off road
  • Control arm relocation brackets are used to relocate the upper and lower control arms on lifted Wranglers from their factory position to reduce extreme control arm angles. The resulting reduction in control arm angle improves lifted ride and handling substantially.
  • Steering dampener relocated up and out of harms way.
  • Rear drop bracket reduces bump steer and allows use of factory offset wheels.

Kit Includes: 

  Qty Item Options
1 Synergy Jeep JK Front Lift Springs Pair - 2"
1 Synergy Jeep JK Rear Lift Springs Pair - 2"
1 Synergy Jeep JK Brake Line Bracket Relocation Kit - Front & Rear  
   1  Rubicon Express RXT Twin-Tube Shock Absorbers (Set of 4)