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Double Black Offroad

PLAN B: Charity Drive

Posted by  | 29 Nov 2012

MJOC and DBOR Allergy and Anaphylaxis Topless Day Charity Drive. 


We are going to reverse the day in the hope the better weather for the topless drive comes in the afternoon as forecast. So what is the plan? We will now BEGIN at the METEC Driver Training Center in Kilsyth at 9am. Registration will begin at 9am and then all paid participants can go for a play on the track. Breakfast options will be available at METEC as they were to be at DBOR. We will be finishing from Kilsyth at 12 with the aim to be at DBOR by 1 for our gyros, raffle and auction. Then depending on weather and whoever is willing, we will endeavour to take doors off and drive the beach as planned. We will be aiming for a group shot along the foreshore as well. 

So please notify all of the changes, 4wd first at Kilsyth, lunch at DBOR and auction and raffle and official drive to follow. There will be NO convoy leaving DBOR to head to Kilsyth.
You have the option to join us at DBOR from 1pm. It is not mandatory you do both. But we will need you to register and pay the event fee.