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JL Wrangler Review

Posted by Bill Barbas | 28 Jun 2018

JL Wrangler Review


First and foremost kudos to Jeep for making the JL every bit a Wrangler.  The looks the feel, the drive, its every bit a Wrangler as the JK and even Tj is.  It is however, a much more sophisticated wheeler.  

Lets get to the upgrades which in particular JK owners will appreciate:


  • The turning circle is finally of an acceptable standard in a 4 door 4by
  • The ground clearance is certainly better, just getting in and out of stock Wranglers which I do daily,  you know its improved
  • The 8spd auto is silky smooth, both on up and downshifts its way better
  • With only 1400 rpm at 100km/h the fuel economy on a stock petrol I achieved was low 10s, combined cycle only 11.5 over a 900kmh!
  • Finally air vents in the rear is a welcome addition, however the aircon still struggled here in the Florida heat
  • Storage has vastly improved both in the door nets, centre console and the boot is noticeable also
  • Folding down the rear seats is now a basic function as it should be
  • The Freedom Top Panels are so easy to remove its Childs play
  • Much beefier track bar mounts front and rear
  • The steering components are also beefier compared to the JK
  • Diffs are much beefier tubing also
  • The Uconnect works seamlessly now with my iPhone 7plus compared to the JK setup
  • The factory reverse camera is fantastic and easy to use
  • So easy to trim the flares for bigger rubber, jeep pretty much give you the template on the factory fender
  • 2” of lift and 37s, that would have been nearly impossible some 10 years ago on any 4by
  • These factory bumpers front and rear aren’t too bad, lets hope we get em!


Now lets get to the frustrations:


  • Damn the wind noise on this JL is worse than a JK. I thought it had a cheap Ebay light bar on the screen it was that noticeable
  • Still no bloody footrest
  • Still no light in the glovebox
  • The sound of the stereo in the Wrangler Sport is average
  • The Engine Fan is bloody loud, louder than a JK 
  • Aluminium knuckles are an unknown offload
  • Electric Power Steer don’t feel too much different but time will tell if its durable
  • The air con from what I can tell is worse than the late model JKs, or this just struggled due to its dark colour and Florida humidity
  • Jeep still wanders ot Highway Speeds, in fact I could hardly notice a difference in the ride to a stock JK.  However, its hard to compare Florida roads to Melbourne roads, I think Melbs are worse!  So I thought the ride would be better but I think not in stock form in comparison to the last of the JKs
  • Push button start is a gimmick, you can’t put your Keys in the cupholders where Jeep intended it to go, if you have more than one key
  • Stop/Start is also a gimmick but mandatory these days by vehicle manufacturers.  The fuel savings won’t cover the costs of a starter motor and battery which you’ll replace more often
  • Steering Stabiliser still under the tie rod and vulnerable to offload damage
  • Why would you make a vehicle these days without central locking and electric mirrors, yet add cruise, stop/start tech and reversing camera?
  • Its going to be expensive, the Rubi with all the options I would choose personally including leather and heated seats runs to $55 US dollars!!!


You’re going to love the JL, esp those who daily drive their Jeeps. 

It will be the benchmark off-roader, that others would like to emulate but can’t replicate.

- Link to short video showcase -